Nutra Organics Pink Himalayan Crystal Salt is a pure product. No chemical refining or bleaching here, and nothing artificial added, just pure wholefood goodness.


Salt is essential for life, you cannot live without it! There are enormous differences between the standard, refined table salt and our natural health-promoting salt. Himalayan Crystal Salt has an incredible array over 84 trace minerals including potassium, calcium and magnesium that are essential to sustain human life! Our salt helps promote a healthy balance by maintaining fluids and replenishing your supply of electrolytes. This is by far the purest salt available - uncontaminated by chemicals or pollutants.


The most versatile of all ingredients! Add to everything – the list is literally endless. Add to any dish to pop the flavour and enhance the nutrition as well! All savoury and sweet dishes alike - Salt is the queen of all seasoning! 



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